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Nintendo's Labo VR update for Breath of The Wild improves loading time

One thing that all players agree on is that it's too bad to wait for the charging time to run out. Typically, loading rates for a game are no more than seconds or a minute. Even so, waiting for those few seconds is enough to tear some hair out of your head out of anxiety. So no one likes to wait, and whenever something loads fast, the feeling of gratitude and joy dominates the body and almost Levite soul.

Finally, the point is that it seems that the update bringing Nintendo Labo VR support to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also improves loading performance in the two-year game on the Nintendo Switch. And this will solve an annoying disparity with the game in the latest generation of Wii U.

The update, released on Thursday, measurably reduces the shrines loading time on the Switch. We can say that it is a saving of five whole seconds in a switch with the update versus one without. Yeah, that's right, five seconds.

For those who do not have the habit of playing and looking at these times, it may not seem like much. But for anyone who counts every second of delay that the shipment takes, this is the best prize they could have.

The heart of the matter …

Shortly after Switch and Breath of the Wild released in March 2017, players noticed that charging times were faster on Wii U when Link enters a sanctuary or reappears after a death.

With this generated a certain disparity between the consoles. GameXplain analyzed in detail the differences in a video at that time as well.

The free update of Labo VR arrived this week to The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey . Some also report that charging times in the SMO are now faster than in previous versions of the game.

Anyway, the less time it takes to load, the more time to play. This is a common mindset among the gamer community in general. After all, no one likes to stay patiently waiting for the shipments.


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