Municipality intensifies actions after first dengue death in Uberlândia


28/02/2019 at 14:58 – Updated on 02/28/2019 at 14:58

Sixth hydration room will open; equipment for drilling and drones are also provided


Sixth hydration room will open at UAI Pampulha in Uberlândia | Photo: PMU / Secom / Disclosure
The first death this year due to dengue was confirmed by the State and informed by the Municipal Health Department (SMS) on Thursday (28). The city already has more than 3 thousand notifications of the disease and the City Hall of Uberlândia will reinforce some actions with the intention of preventing and minimizing the indexes.

After the opening of five hydration rooms, in which patients receive serum to prevent complications of dengue, UAI Pampulha is the next to receive the service with a sixth room.

The other UAIS that already have hydration rooms open are the Luizote de Freitas, Planalto, Roosevelt, Martins and Tibery districts. Some of these units have already received tents and equipment for assembling external spaces in order to receive more patients for hydration.

According to the emergency and emergency network advisor, Clauber Lourenço, this can happen at any time depending on the volume of care in these places. The rooms are open 24 hours a day in the UAIs.


The aide also explained that the southern region of Uberlândia had an increase of up to 20% in the notifications of the disease between last Tuesday (26) and this Wednesday (27).

The higher incidence may also lead to the opening of a seventh hydration room in the region in the coming days. The room would work in the UAI of the district São Jorge.


This afternoon (28), the Municipal Administration also informed that it will use drones to identify the properties with breeding sites of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. The strategy aims to contribute to the work of the Dengue Control Program that finds it difficult to enter the real estate and do the proper work of combat.

The tests, according to the municipality, were carried out this week and the equipment will begin to be used in the western region, where the highest index of reports of suspected dengue cases is concentrated (41.06%).

The images are confidential and will be under the responsibility of the technical staff of the program, assisting strictly in the identification of mosquito outbreaks. They will not be released.


The City also reported that it has been authorized to purchase ten thermo-foggers, which are coupled to a vehicle, as in the well-known smoke. The purchase of adulticide was also ordered.

These measures reinforce the work of combating the adult mosquito, which is now done through state resources, which supplies both the poison and the only vehicle currently used in the work of the smoke.

However, in order for the work to be effective on all fronts, the City Hall asks for public awareness about Aedes mosquito prevention.

The first Aedes aegypti Rapid Index Survey (LIRAa), released in January, showed that 5.2% of the 12,582 houses surveyed had breeding sites for the dengue transmitter, zika virus, chikungunya and yellow fever. Of the sites visited, 76% were residences with breeding sites. Of this percentage, 95% corresponds to the foci found in the backyards.


Clauber explained that the first fatality victim of dengue this year is a 40-year-old woman living in the Roosevelt neighborhood on the west side and with no history of illness. The death was in early February and since then the result of the examination was expected to prove whether it was a death due to the dengue virus, which is the responsibility of the State Government.

The award came to City Hall on Tuesday (26) at the end of the day. "When the patient arrives at the network with suspected dengue, the case is notified and the examination is collected and sent to Belo Horizonte. All suspected cases are treated as if they were dengue, even if the disease is not confirmed later, "said Lourenço.


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