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Meizu Zero – the phone without buttons or doors can already be yours for 1136 €

The Meizu Zero mobile phone has already delighted the readers of Pplware when we introduced it, mainly due to the total absence of doors or elements that interrupt its monoblock, ceramic construction.

Now the peculiar cell phone can already be yours for the bold amount of $ 1299 or about € 1136 at the current exchange rate. At the moment, Meizu Zero is on the collective financing platform, Indiegogo, where it seeks investors.

Meizu Zero mobile phone buttons doors

Having said that, if you want to get a mobile phone already and maybe, futuristic, you will have to pay a considerable amount. This, in turn, will give you the right to a pre-commercial unit of Meizu Zero, for now a mobile phone concetual.

Do you have $ 1200 or $ 1136 more?

However, if the Chinese brand can raise $ 100,000, about € 87,000, the company will start mass production of Meizu Zero. For now, you are just probing the market and consumer interest in your latest product.

Meizu Zero mobile phone buttons doors

For a technology company, especially for a manufacturer of mobile devices such as Meizu, we believe that this goal can be easily achieved. If this happens, anyone who has contributed a significant amount will receive the mobile phone immediately.

The peculiarities of Meizu Zero

But what, after all, does Meizu Zero offer so special? We have here a mobile phone with top technical characteristics and an impeccable ceramic construction. Incidentally, without any noticeable interruption to doors or buttons.

Meizu Zero mobile phone buttons doors

Its processor is Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm, a platform that was actually refurbished by the Snapdragon 855, introduced in December 2018. Still, we will have here a top SoC on this particular Meizu mobile phone.

It is even tracked by 4GB or 6GB of RAM as well as a total of 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. It also has water resistance, IP68 certification and a virtual side button.

Then highlights its 5.99-inch screen, a Super AMOLED panel, without any notch or perforated screen. Its resolution fills the Full-HD + standard, therefore 1080 x 2340 pixels, with the format 18: 9.

Meizu Zero mobile phone buttons doors

The mobile phone rounds out the absence of ports with the adoption of various wireless technologies. Starting with the fast charging by magnetic induction at 18W for your battery.

In fact, we do not even have a SIM card tray, Meizu Zero uses an eSIM. For data transfer, here we have a wireless system at 60Hz. According to the brand, it can overcome the transfer speed of the USB 3.0 standard.

Would you buy a cell phone like Meizu Zero?

The only major disruptions to its ceramic construction are its 12MP and 20MP rear cameras. We also have a small hole for your microphone and a second for the hard-reset in case of extreme necessity. Besides, we do not even have a loudspeaker in the phone.

Its list of features and innovations can be found in detail in Pplware. Would you consider buying a mobile phone with these features?

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