Thursday , October 21 2021

Maria Cerqueira Gomes happy in TVI but sad in love – to Boil


Relationship with António Miguel Cardoso, who has a son, João, has been in crisis for several months, after Maria changed the port to Lisbon earlier this year

Rumors that Maria Cerqueira Gomes may be leaving TVI are false. It is the agency itself that represents the presenter who denies this information, ensuring that Goucha's partner on the morning of the channel feels happy and "very cherished" by colleagues.

"Maria is starting her career at TVI and very focused on her work and does not shy away from these rumors and assumptions," says Maria's advisor, who currently has two shows at the station and watched her bank account thicken with invitations for advertising campaigns.

Still, with this move to Lisbon, Maria Cerqueira Gomes, 36, has seen her love life be called into question, since her relationship with António Miguel Cardoso – father of her youngest son, middle – is by a thread.

"It's not easy to maintain a relationship at a distance and she has felt it in her skin." Things are getting worse, they have tried their best to save the relationship, but it is not easy, they have to make a decision about the future " , says a source close to the presenter, revealing yet another drama that Maria has been through: "She feels really good on TVI, but she has been the target of a lot of jealousy and she suspects until this news that she is going to leave. station is planted in the press by people who do not want it there. It is firm and, for the time being, it will not leave. "

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