Marcelo will veto law that prohibits Public-Private Partnerships in Health – The Economic Journal


Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is preparing to veto the law prohibiting Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Health. The President of the Republic considers the prohibition absurd and will return the diploma to Parliament, according to this Friday's Express.

If a majority of the left insists on a formulation of the new health bases law that closes the door to public-private partnerships, the fate of this proposal will be a lead in Belém, says the weekly quoting source close to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The new grassroots law has been negotiated by the Government with partners on the left and also eliminates the rates of primary care.

In reaction, the private sector says changes in the law are more ideological than rational.

The President of the Republic considers it "absurd" to legislate to completely rule out the possibility of the State working in partnership with private companies in the national health system, because the law must allow successive governments to have room for maneuver without having to be constantly changing the law.

"The current law of bases lasted many years because it allowed those who wanted to do PPP to do them and who did not want to do it. It is very strange to want to make it impossible for a government to do so in the future and to make a prohibition in a base law a prohibition that, to a great extent, is the responsibility of the Government, "says the source of Expresso, adding that" another thing is to arrange a law that conditions such partnerships to certain conjuncture conveniences. This may leave room for each Government to assess whether or not to opt to do so. "


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