Júlio César: "It is strange Bruno Varela to be third option" – Benfica


Former goalkeeper praises Vlachodimos

Júlio César left Benfica almost a year ago to finish his career at Flamengo but, now living in Portugal, he continues to follow what is going on with the old club and says he does not understand why Bruno Varela has been a starter … to the bench.

"If Rui Vitória opted for another goalkeeper at the moment, we have to respect his decision," said the former guard in a statement to Sport TV, leaving praise to the current owner, Vlachodimos. "Benfica is well served, not only with him but also with Svilar, who despite being young has already shown that he has the conditions to be in Benfica, and still with Bruno Varela," said the former international Brazilian, ensuring that they do not miss the lawns, but only the "swimming games". The 'Emperor' analyzed the last times, which were not satisfactory on the part of Rui Vitória's team, although he defended that there is time to react. "The timing is complicated, but there is a lot to do until the end of the season," he said. "The requirement is always very high in teams of this level, just stumble twice or three times.


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