Monday , October 18 2021

João Félix on a jet trip for crazy holidays in Ibiza – a Ferver


After winning the League of Nations, John Félix, 19, has already gone on a vacation that promises to stay in history as one of the most memorable in his life.

Desired by Manchester City, which promises him an order of six million euros a year, the young man already enjoys his new status as a millionaire and left for Ibiza (Spain) in a private jet.

Luxuries have not missed these days of rest on the island of crazy parties, where he is in the company of his friends Diego Batista and Ricardo Nóbrega.

In the photos also appears the 'angel' of Victoria's Secret, Isilda Moreira, but although many want to attribute a novel with the new national star, the truth is that the young woman is Diego's girlfriend.

During the holidays, Felix was already surprised by the paparazzi on a beach afternoon in which there was, of course, a shortage.

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