It was 7 years ago that Samsung overtook Nokia in the market!


Nokia 3310

It was 7 years ago that Samsung overtook Nokia in the market! – It seems like it was 50 years ago that we all walked with Nokias 3310 or similar models in our pocket, but no … It has not been that way for so long that Nokia stopped short in time, and gave space to other manufacturers, such as Apple and of course, Samsung! Which is at this time the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world.

Interestingly, before being overtaken by Samsung, Nokia enjoyed an impressive 14 years of dominance in the mobile phone market

After all, the Finnish manufacturer dominated the 1990s and 2000s without much difficulty … But unfortunately, everything has an end.

At the end of the first quarter of 2012, Samsung stole the lead from the Finnish giant, and continued to thrive, while Nokia continued in a downturn that resulted in what we all know.

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As we talked about in Leak, Nokia made some rather serious mistakes, which ultimately ended its realm of dominance.

As an example of this, we focus on the Symbian Operating System, which would never be able to compete with Android and iOS. And then the partnership with Microsoft, which turned out to be another shot in the foot.

However, it was not just Nokia's fault. Both Samsung and Apple launched fantastic products that ultimately changed the market for everyone!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 +

At the time, Samsung was about to launch the extremely successful Galaxy S3, which was already in the line of Galaxy S2, which was also an excellent mobile phone. However, Apple was also very well on the market with its iPhone 4.

After all, Samsung and Apple have also had their share of mistakes, however, continue to dominate the market, since the fall of Nokia … But until when? Huawei, and other Chinese manufacturers are already lurking!

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Huawei Galaxy S10 + vs Huawei P30 Pro

Nokia mobiles remain on the market, thanks to HMD Global!

Microsoft bought the handset division of Nokia in 2013, but eventually failed, and give up the marketing of smartphones. Similarly, you've also given up on your Windows Mobile, which is about to lose any and all support.

Fortunately, HMD Global picked up the brand in 2016, and has already put more than 70 million Nokia mobile phones on the market!

Where we can find devices with immense quality! And with something that the Android world needs as bread for the mouth … Quick updates.

Nokia now ranks 9th in the smartphone market.

In short, despite the best times Nokia has now belonged to the past. Who would have thought to return with all this force? Who knows, if in the future does not re-occupy the throne!

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