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In May of last year, the Square Enix surprised everyone by announcing the end of the partnership with IO Interactive, studio responsible for the franchise Hitman, when he stated at the time that the decision was based on purely financial motives, with the company dedicating itself fully to its main IPs. With this, the IO Interactive became an independent company and almost had to close its doors, in addition to having dismissed several employees to be able to reestablish.

Recently in an interview with GameSpot, the studio executive Eskil Mohl commented a little about this troubled period and revealed that it is almost a miracle that the studio still exists, and due to precisely this overcoming, all developers can today be happy and excited to finally see all this difficult period as something that was in the past , as well as being very grateful to have found the Warner Bros Games midway.

According Mohl, the announcement made by Square Enix was equivalent to a big airplane that is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and they discover that they are without fuel, since at the time Hitman 2, was already under development. Because of this, they were forced to fire several employees just to keep their doors open. However, this was a positive factor, nevertheless, the team that managed to stay was even more united and decided that they would move forward with everything in the development of Hitman 2 since they believed in the project.

To finish, Mohl reveals that today they are very happy with the partnership they have made with the Warner Bros Games, and they also seem very happy with what the IO Interactive have in hand and from the first minutes have always been extremely gentle with the developers and especially with the ideas that everyone had in mind for the next chapter of the Hitman franchise and that made all the difference.

Hitman 2 will be released on November 13, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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