Inmates transmit live birthday party in Linhó jail – Portugal


A group of inmates, about 20, broadcast live on Facebook this Saturday afternoon, a birthday party in the courtyard of Wing A of the Linhó chain in Sintra.

From what can be seen in the images that the Morning mail had access, as happened in the chain of Paços de Ferreira, it is not possible to verify the presence of the prison guards.

The video, about four minutes away, was published in the profile of one of the inmates who is serving seven and a half years in prison for robberies.

In the images it is still possible to see a prisoner cutting his hair to another, which shows that they have access to sharp objects such as a scissors.

It is still possible to see the inmates danced, amused, to the music of the loud volume.

The Linhó jail only has inmates convicted of heavy crimes.

The prison currently has about 1,000 inmates.


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