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Hurricane Lorenzo: Work started on reconstruction of Lajes das Flores port – News

"The preparation of the Lajes das Flores Port rehabilitation / reconstruction project and the on-site emergency intervention project are already underway to improve safety conditions as soon as possible." , both on the quay and on the service embankment and on land access, the company explains in a statement sent to newsrooms.

According to the company, after the dredging on the quay of Porto das Lajes das Flores, and the "quick installation", on site, "five new mooring bollards, to ensure the operation with the necessary safety conditions for draft ships. no more than 4 meters, "Portos dos Açores is" dredging the bottoms east of that same pier ", with the objective of" making the operation of the São Jorge tanker to supply fuel to the island "of Flores possible.

Portos dos Açores also adds that "the port administration is required to provide the necessary equipment for the provisional maritime signaling in order to ensure reliable access to the commercial port of Flores island, largely destroyed by the hurricane."

The passage of Hurricane "Lorenzo" in the Azores, on October 2, caused losses of about 330 million euros, according to announced last Monday the President of the Regional Government, Vasco Cordeiro.

“In total, Hurricane 'Lorenzo' caused damage worth nearly 330 million euros on various Azorean islands, in areas such as port infrastructure and support to port activity, road network and other public facilities, in housing, fisheries, agriculture and the private business sector, ”said the chief executive at a press conference on Monday.

Due to the passing of the hurricane, 255 occurrences were recorded, and bad weather forced the resettlement of 53 people.

Lajes das Flores Port was totally destroyed due to the hurricane.

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