Huawei overtook Apple … But the smartphone market fell!


P30 Pro vs Galaxy S10

Huawei has once again overtaken Apple … But the market is in decline! – We have often mentioned in that the smartphone market is entering an era of stagnation … Yes, it is true that Samsung has returned to the limelight with its family of Galaxy S10 smartphones, and that Huawei continues its path of with the P30 line.

However, the smartphone market, in general, declined 6.6% in the first quarter of the year

This, according to the latest IDC market research! That shows a significant drop in the smartphone market. Where very curiously, we can see a drop by Apple and Samsung, while Huawei continues to grow eyeball.

After all, Huawei has once again overtaken Apple! Being crowned again, as the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

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Thus, 310.8 million smartphones were shipped to stores during the first quarter of the year. This number is slightly below the 332.7 million units of the same period last year.

Samsung continues to lead the market, with a share of 23.1% (-0.4%), managing to market 71.9 million new handsets.

While Samsung lost a bit, but managed to maintain the lead, Apple seems to have suffered enough. It's that the North American giant just sent 36.4 million iPhones to the stores, a gigantic drop, compared to the previous number of 52.2 million.

In addition, as we said above, Huawei continues to grow, reaching 59.1 million 'shipped' mobile phones, which is significantly higher than the 39.9M in 2018.

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We must point out that Huawei's success continues even in the face of open war with the US government.

In short, it is likely that the podium will remain ready for the rest of 2019 … But it gives the idea, that Huawei is about to steal the first position to Samsung! Will we in 2020 have a new leader?

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