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Ford already has a high performance electric car

The brands bet on electric cars is already a reality. With more and more proposals, these will soon be a reality in our daily lives. Its advantages are obvious and each gifts.

There are, however, other brands that bet on having high performance cars, exploring this new aspect. Although they are much more attractive, they are certainly still very rare. Ford has also joined this group and already has a high performance electric car.

Ford Mustang Lithium Electric Car

Ford Mustang Lithium is the brand bet in this new area

Slowly but resolutely, brands are joining the new electric car market. These are models that normally use platforms already in production and that adapt accordingly. There are, of course, high performance proposals that stand out in the middle of these offerings.

This is where Ford decided to place its latest offer. We talk about the Mustang Lithium, which the brand recently presented at SEMA. Based on its sports model, it is your interpretation of what a high performance electric car should look like.

The American brand has equipped this model with a detail that is usually away from electric cars. We are talking about a 6-speed gearbox that can be used by the driver in a completely normal way. This allows greater control of all present power.

Ford Mustang Lithium Electric Car

High performance electric car in a known model

It is precisely in this area that the Mustang Lithium stands out. Ford has equipped this electric car with a 900 horsepower engine, also equipped with an 800 volt system. For now, few cars have this capability.

A final curiosity of this new Mustang Lithium is its 4 driving modes. The first 3, Sport, Track and Beast, are in direct driving on the road. One last mode, Valet, can be used when the car is loaned to someone.

Unfortunately the Ford Mustang Lithium will not hit the market for sale. It is a proof of concept that the company has created to test some of its technologies. Soon a Mustang will be available to everyone, but with some of its performance reduced.

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