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Football Manager: Diogo Jota remembers the day he took Gondomar to the top of European football – Record Gaming

It is well known that Football Manager is not only a video game that succeeds among the common fans who aspires to be a coach, but also a kind of object of worship for those who give a global dimension of football. We talk about players and there are several cases of this addiction, such as French Antoine Griezmann, which recently even generated a huge wave of curiosity in revealing its eleven in the team that currently commands.
There are also Portuguese 'addicts', such as Diogo Jota, who was the soccer player chosen by the videogame to start a new line on his official site, in which the (real) players are challenged to tell some of the episodes they had while they were in front of the computer trying to reach the top as virtual coaches.

And the Wolverhampton forward, probably like most of the FM fans, is the kind of player who likes the challenges and picks the heart. Hence the team usually chosen is Gondomar, his childhood club. There he achieved the greatest achievements, for example … the Champions League.

"I always try to put a high goal for my saves and the most recent one was to lead the Gondomar, I said to myself that I would not stop playing until I became the best team in Europe, something that happened in 2031. Until then I was very successful, I built a stadium and I mastered it internally ", recalls the Portuguese striker, who in this recording managed to win" the Portuguese Cup for the first time in 2023/24 and the first European trophy in 2024/25. " The first title of champion would appear in 2025/26, five years before the "greater achievement", when it won the Champions League.

"In all, I have won five Super Cups, three Portuguese Leagues, three Portuguese Cups, four European titles and a Club World Cup, and I also became a French picker, I won the World Cup and the Confederations Cup. and half, until January 2032, when I won the Club World Cup. "

Best hiring? Himself!

Proud player of his course that will certainly be Diogo Jota seeks whenever he can hire himself, something that got in the 'save' wonder of Gondomar. "In January 2031 he was able to hire me, even in time for the most important season of the recording, and I scored the decisive penalty in the tiebreaker that made us European champions. in what refers to hirings.

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