Firefighters rescue horse in aqueduct in Arcos de Valdevez: "Firefighter life is not even easy"


The Chamber of Arcos de Valdevez, approved for 2019 a budget of almost 28 million euros, plus a million than in 2018, the mayor of Lusitania told Lusa today.

Speaking to Lusa, João Manuel Esteves said that the plan, approved by the majority of the PSD (six elements), "is based on funding from community funds" and said that the document "will privilege people, families and business investment."

The Arcos de Valdevez Activity and Budget Plan, worth 27,863,300 euros, was approved on Friday with the vote against the only element of the opposition in the executive, PS councilwoman, Dora Brandão.

João Manuel Esteves explained that "the qualification of human resources will be the great bet of the municipal executive in 2019, reinforcing the social action school, the granting of scholarships and requalifying school equipment."

The social-democratic minister said that the document also provides "support for the repopulation of the county, providing better solutions for young people to obtain land at attractive prices and build their homes or for lease."

Regarding support for families, the mayor said that it was planned "the reduction of taxes and municipal taxes and the investment in the quality of life of people, whether through the rehabilitation of public space or services such as water supply and basic sanitation."

João Manuel Esteves also stressed the "strong commitment to the expansion of business parks and the promotion of tourism in the county."

"The development strategy for Arcos de Valdevez is aligned with the European Union and Portugal 2020. We want a more innovative, more sustainable, closer, more inclusive and connected municipality," he said.

Contacted by the agency Lusa, PS city councilor Dora Brandão lamented that "once again, the social-democratic majority executive has delivered a document" late and incomplete, without political guidelines, only with the listing of revenues and expenses " .

According to the alderwoman, the document was delivered "via email, at the end of the day", the day before the discussion, "when the legal minimum period is 48 hours."

Dora Brandão considered that the revenue provided in the document "is not strict because it considers values ​​for municipal taxes, namely IMI and IMT, which have not yet been deliberated."

He also condemned "the allocation of funds to the parish councils," stating that "the protocols that are foreseen have the same value, 30,000 euros, for all parishes regardless of the territory, population and characteristics of each one."

"This affectation should be based on population criteria since Arcos de Valdevez is one of the municipalities of the district of Viana do Castelo, which has lost more population in recent years," he said, arguing that the document "did not increase support funds for families ".


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