Fire at the hotel roof in Lisbon in the aftermath


"The fire was extinguished at 20:12, now the aftermath", said the source Lusa source of the Regiment of Firefighters Firefighters of Lisbon, who came to the scene with 35 elements supported by 12 vehicles.

Also the Volunteer Firefighters of Lisbon participated in the operations.

According to the source of the Sapadores Regiment, the fire was limited to the cover of the hotel unit, but it is foreseeable to have other damages, and the four wounded, by inhalation of fumes, were sent to the hospital of San José.

The lawsuits are being investigated by the authorities, he added.

The fire broke out at 5:34 pm and forced the evacuation of the hotel.

At the site, the agency Lusa found, at 18:15, that the flames were visible at the top of the building.

Meanwhile, in a press release, the hotel unit, Figueira Beautique Hotel, clarified that the fire started at the SPA, but the causes have not yet been cleared.


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