Wednesday , April 21 2021

FC Porto lose at home and stay on target

Pallacanestro Varese won at Dragão Caixa and left FC Porto without a chance to continue in the European Basketball Cup.

FC Porto were defeated in the Dragão Caixa on Wednesday by the Italians of Pallacanestro Varese, thus leaving no chance of remaining in the European Cup. The team led by Moncho López lost by 89-71, adding the fourth snub in five games.

Sasa Borovnjak, with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, was the best of the players, who needed to win by 9 points and have never been close to it, although they had enough fighting until the break (36-37) thanks to a second when they came to be ahead, until 36-34.

FC Porto, who will be third in Group F, will still receive the Rilski Sportist on Wednesday, but both teams have already been eliminated. The Palacanestro Varese will receive the Alba Ferhervar the same day, to decide who will win the group.



FIBA European Cup, Group F, Matchday 5
November 14, 2018
Dragon Box

Referees: Francisco Araña (Spain), Can Mavisu (Turkey) and Iain McDonald (Great Britain)

FC PORTO: Vladyslav Voytso, Toni Prostran (5), João Soares, Boris Barac (3) and Sasa Borovnjak (18)
Substitute: Pedro Pinto (13), António Monteiro, Miguel Queiroz (8), Ferrán Ventura, Pedro Bastos (9), Will Sheehey (15) and Diogo Araújo
Coach: Moncho López

VARESE: Dominique Archie (17), Aleksa Avramovic (4), Thomas Scrubb (11), Tyler Cain (11) and Ronald Moore (15)
Substitutes: Christian Gatto, Antonio Iannuzzi (3), Nicola Natali (12), Damiano Verri, Matteo Tambone (5), Giancarlo Ferrero (2) and Pablo Bertone (9)
Coach: Attilio Caja

At break: 36-37
Partial: 14-21, 22-18, 22-30, 13-22


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