Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that lets you watch videos with friends


O Facebook is always testing new features for application Messenger, but we often do not know about these new features before they are released. The latest feature released for Messenger is the option to "cancel" messages, but this may not be the only major improvement that comes to application this year.

Facebook recently told TechCrunch that it is testing a new "Viewvideos together"Which will allow Messenger users to watch clips on with friends. When a video is shared in a chat window, anyone can control it and see who is watching at any time.

Curiously, every time a co-visualization begins in a chat, members should be notified about it. In addition, parts of the Messenger code mention that users will have to accept a "tap to see together now" notification, which suggests that it may or may not happen at the same time.

Although a Facebook spokesman has admitted that they are testing, the employee failed to provide a deadline for the launch, we have only wait to see if it will reach the general public.

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