Facebook explains why to see some things, before others



Never questioned, why see certain publications, before others? Do not worry, it seems that Facebook wants to be a little more transparent, and will explain a bit of how your algorithm works.

Well, Facebook is implementing a new feature! It not only offers some information related to information published by your friends, but also lets you customize what others see.

The idea is to make the social network algorithm more transparent, explaining why some publications have a higher Ranking than others

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Users can access this feature by clicking on the top corner of any application, which will show a drop-down menu.

This will show why the post is there, whether it is a friend, a group, or a page that follows. But more important than all this, will explain your position in the News Feed.

To do this, it will show statistics, like its iterations with certain people / pages / groups. As well as the popularity of the publication compared to others of the same origin. And how many times have you interacted with such a publication.

Additionally, the menu will have shortcuts to unfollow, or delete the publication from your news feed.

Facebook functionality, "Why am I seeing this ad?" Is also being updated!

Now it will show you various information, showing whether or not your contact is in the mailing list or phone numbers. Similarly, it will also show a partner who is involved in the campaign.

A spokesperson for the social network, came out to say the following:

"Both updates are part of our effort and investment to give more context and control to our users."

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion, in the comments below!



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