Extra Life | Vote to name the planet discovered in 2007


The delay is explained by the fact that scientists and astronomers spent the past 12 years trying to get to know the star better before naming him. In 2007, a small planet was discovered orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune, in the Kuiper Waist, which was identified in a somewhat complex way as (225088) 2007 OR10.

There are several small planets, and many never get a name, but this is one of the largest in this group. It is known today that it is also reddish, which is 1,247 kilometers in diameter and is icy. To give you an idea, Plato, already small by Earth's standards, is twice the size of the Earth. NASA says that "dwarf planets tend to be mysterious bodies," and because they are far from Earth, they are small and cold, they are difficult to observe. So it is not only strange that the past few years have been rich in discoveries, but that they are slow.

But now the public is called into the game: how about helping to choose the name by which this mini planet will become known? There are three options, all linked to mythological figures. Gonggong is a Chinese god of water, capable of causing floods and chaos. Holle is a European, Scandinavian divinity, linked to fertility, winter and caring for children in the cold months. Sobra Vili, Nordic divine figure, Odin's brother, who killed the ice giant Ymir during the creation of the universe. The three figures are, as it turns out, somehow connected to the icy planet.

The voting is open and so stays until May 10. Netizens are allowed to vote more than once or to choose more than one name. In either case, you can do it HERE.

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