Ex-emigrant tries to cheat Tony Career


Man presented false documents to attest fortune he did not have to buy the singer's house.

Tony Carreira became the perfect victim of a Portuguese ex-emigrant, Artur Vieira, who showed interest in acquiring the singer's villa, located in the Algarve (for sale for more than 1 million euros). The 65-year-old man, who had been living in Canada for several years, came in contact with those responsible for selling the property and showed fake documents, which proved to have more than 200 million euros. The alleged investor even signed contract-promise, however, the deal went out of order and the house was later sold to another stakeholder.

The man was detained by the Judiciary of Faro for mockery and forgery and brought to court. He is currently forbidden to leave the country and is obliged to make two weekly presentations to the authorities.


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