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Epic Games does not want to pay the prizes in fortnite millionaire tournaments

The Fortnite phenomenon marked the gaming world all through the year 2018, even serving up the latest YouTube Rewind. Today it is one of the biggest phenomena in the gaming world, with millions of active players daily, also known for the tournaments (with prizes) organized by the Epic Games studio.

Unfortunately, one of these tournaments is generating a lot of controversy with Epic Games at the center of the controversy.

games Fortnite Epic Games tournaments millionaires prizes

The case is one of the last tournaments organized by the Epic Games studio. It took place in January, during the Australian Open Tennis at the beginning of the year. There, the Fortnite Summer Smash boasted several prizes, totaling $ 400,000 to be distributed by the winners that would normally be found at the event.

Fortnite millionaire tournaments

Incidentally, this was the biggest of the tournaments of its kind in Australia. It was completely dedicated to competitive play and, according to the international press, has never seen anything like this before. However, the tournament was rated as an incredible success, bringing together a record number of participants in that country.

However, we now have several of the winners accusing Epic Games of not having paid the prizes owed as a result of this competition. In this sense we can cite the testimony of a player, ttvLeftRightGN, on the Reddit platform where he explains his case. Their displeasure is notorious, especially given the prizes.

Still according to his testimony, Epic Games was expected to pay A $ 1000, about $ 632 from 21st to 1000th. However, this would not happen, not being this player alone in the complaints. In fact, according to several finalists, so far the prizes have not been paid.

Prizes should be paid by Epic Games

Being one of the most popular games nowadays, it is hard to believe that Epic Games would jeopardize its reputation. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case, also remembering one of the emails sent by one of the support line staff. There, we clearly see the indication that payment is the responsibility of Epic Games.

Then we can see the regulation provided to the participants. In the end, we have a clear indication that the prizes will be distributed directly by the studio. However, it has been about 6 months since the last of the big tournaments in Australia and the amounts owed remain, mostly, missing.

games Fortnite Epic Games tournaments millionaires prizes

At the same time, it must be said that some of the participants have already received their dividends. Still, this does not invalidate the confusion generated around the subject. So far the company has not disclosed the reasons for such delays. At the moment, the press reports that 25 of the top 100 are still waiting.

Already, on the other hand, the fault is attributed to both parties, especially in filling out the forms on the part of the players. Not that this completely invalidates the responsibility, and image to be maintained, by Epic Games. Meanwhile, A $ 180,000 is still being owed to the participants.

We look forward to the next game tournaments being prepared in advance.

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