Early winter: Health is on alert against yellow fever, dengue and influenza


6/20/19 at 10:00 p.m.

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The State Department of Health is calling on people to take the yellow fever vaccine, the only effective way to prevent the disease. Health professionals believe that the incidence of the disease may grow again in the coming months, especially in the municipalities of Litoral, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba and Campos Gerais. But the alert is valid for every state.

But it is not the only disease to worry about at the moment. Dengue and influenza cases are other that deserve prominence of the health and attention of the population at the moment. Both have also made headway in recent weeks. The latest flu bulletin shows that there are already 59 deaths from influenza and 263 confirmed cases in Paraná. The previous week's report showed 51 deaths and 212 confirmed cases. The cases of dengue also do not stop rising, and already they added more than 13 thousand occurrences, with 17 deaths. Paraná did not record so many cases since the epidemiological year of 2015/2016, when there were more than 56 thousand occurrences.

This week, the Emergency Operations Center in Public Health of Sesa confirms another seven epizootics, which is the death of monkeys contaminated by yellow fever. Last week the epidemiological bulletin had 42 confirmed epizootics and this week 49. The investigation covers the period from July 2018 to now. The new cases were confirmed in Tibagi (3) Campo Largo (1), Carambeí (1), Piraí do Sul (1), Ponta Grossa (1).

Monkeys do not transmit the disease. In fact, like humans, they are also contaminated by the mosquito bite. The other municipalities with a record of monkey deaths are Antonina, Morretes, Paranaguá, Balsa Nova, Ipiranga, Jaguariaíva, Tibagi, Castro and São José dos Pinhais, with the last two cities already having 12 and 13 cases of monkey deaths confirmed respectively .


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