E-commerce in Portugal grew 12.5% ​​in 2017 to 4,145 ME


(E-commerce) grew 12.5% ​​in Portugal last year, to a total of 4,145 million euros, according to data from the third e-Commerce Report CTT released today.

In a statement, the company led by Francisco Lacerda revealed that growth is over 2016 by two percentage points and that "currently, four out of ten Portuguese buy online."

"The report also concludes that the main reasons why the Portuguese buy online are the lower prices, the ease of purchase, the promotions and the convenience provided by being able to buy at any time," he says.

The company also noted that those who buy through e-commerce do it more and more often "but with an average value per purchase lower. This phenomenon reflects a greater degree of confidence in the decision to buy online by a greater number of buyers already in the market, who provides impulse purchases, taking advantage of promotions and campaigns, "according to the report.

"The 'ebuyers' [compradores online] make 15.2 purchases per year, four more purchases than in 2016 (+ 33%), spending an average of 51.49 euros on each purchase. Of the total purchases, about 80% are associated with the acquisition of products, "he says.

The average number of products purchased per purchase "is 2.1 products and six out of ten buyers shop online once or more times a month (+ 17% over the previous year)," CTT said.

The report also reports on the outlook for the future, adding that "in the short term, ebuyers' involvement with online shopping will continue to increase, especially because of convenience and ease of purchase, good prices and good experience of purchase ".

The use of online devices will continue to rise, according to the document.

The e-Commerce market study was conducted in Portugal between May and July "and was based on 742 telephone inquiries to online shoppers, 100 telephone inquiries to retailers with online sales, 18 face-to-face interviews with retailers with online sales and nine face-to- of distribution, "the statement said.


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