Der Spiegel reports Ronaldo fraud


The German magazine Der Spiegel announced today in a statement that it could continue to publish information on tax offenses of football figures, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho, after being given a reason in court.

In the statement, Der Spiegel recalls the whole case that began with a series of articles published in 2016 after an investigation of 60 journalists from a European network from information on the Football Leaks platform.

The complaint against the disclosure of information, which in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo involve the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho and the German footballer Mesut Özil, was presented by a group of lawyers.

In the lawsuit against the magazine, the lawyers do not question the veracity of the documents, but accuse Der Spiegel of having obtained them improperly.

In February 2017, a Hamburg court banned the magazine from posting articles about the case and demanded that those already broadcast be deleted from the newspaper's digital files.

The magazine, which was obliged to pay a fine of 250,000 if it did not comply with the decision, appealed to a higher court that today gave it its reason.

For more than a year, during which judicial pronouncements against Özil and Cristiano Ronaldo were announced, the magazine was prohibited from publishing articles on the subject.


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