Debts up to 50 thousand euros may have online installment plan


It's a new feature and it's available from today. The taxpayers with debts to Social Security, always in amounts below 50 thousand euros, can now create online, in Social Security Direct, a benefit plan for the settlement of defaulted payments.

According to the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security (MTSS), the new functionality is accessible to citizens and companies with debts up to 50 thousand euros. For this, debts by lawsuits and appendices should not also reach 5,000 euros, in the case of citizens, and 10,000 euros, in the case of companies or institutions.

Social Security estimates that the measure covers close to 100,000 taxpayers.

In a statement, the MTSS informs that the functionality allows to request the payment plan in installments and to simulate it, with approval "immediately of the request made, with waiver of guarantee". O site of the Social Security Direct also allows managing the amounts to be regularized and have access to the necessary references to make the payment of the benefits that are approved.

The service can be found on the site Social Security, in the section on debts in tax proceedings.


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