Cristina Ferreira responds to supporter who accuses her of causing redundancies


Cristina Ferreira was confronted by a follower regarding the alleged redundancies that her arrival at SIC motivated. The hostess reacted and replied, saying "it's better to wait and see."

The news, advanced by Correio da Manhã, that Cristina Ferreira was going to 'fire' about 30 SIC employees to set up her own team motivated countless reactions on the social networks of the presenter.

Cristina said in a recent publication that the people with whom we make connections to life "go with us wherever we go."

Well, a follower did not like it and decided to react.

"If we think about your move to SIC, you want to bring your whole team and, in turn, leave a number of professionals competent in unemployment … I do not agree! SIC has people of great quality and, for example, 'throwing away' the current criminal team, with exception reporters, is very sad! Is there better in TVI than Luís Maia, for example ?! Repense, Cristina, "he wrote.

The hostess, however, decided to respond and deny the rumor.

"And who says that comes in magazines is true? It is not better to wait and see … ", he shot.

So far, remember, it has not been announced who are the professionals who will remain in the SIC.

It is known, however, that commentators António Teixeira and Vítor Marques will work with Cristina Ferreira at Carnaxide station.


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