Created antifascist front in Braga


A group of associations created this Sunday in Braga, an "Anti-fascist Unitarian Front", which aims to "achieve a national reach". Among these are people from the Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS) and from organizations such as SOS Racism, UMAR and the Braga Para Todos movement, members of the Antifascist Nucleus of Porto and also several others who came to Braga individually.

Vasco Santos, candidate of the (MAS) to the Chamber of Barcelos, in the last municipal elections, told the newspaper i about the initiative.

"In general terms we created today [domingo] a front that intends now to bring together as many people as possible, from associations and parties, to support the struggle for democracy, against xenophobia, racism and machismo, fighting against the rise of the extreme right, because represents all that bad exists in society, with more and more people in this anti-fascist struggle, "he said, on behalf of the group, adding that" despite being born here in Braga, the idea is that this wave will grow in Portugal and beyond, even because we want to act in a prophylactic way and before Fascism in Portugal has the dimensions that in other countries. "

The antifascist front was born in the space "TOCA – Work of a Cultural and Associative Workshop", where the Antifascist Nucleus of Braga, expressed by the people present at the first meeting, where he discussed the phenomenon.


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