Cláudio Ramos comments on reasons for Luciana Abreu and Daniel Souza's divorce



Luciana Abreu announced on social networks that she is divorcing Daniel Souza. Before such news, Cláudio Ramos made some live comments in "The Cristina Program", SIC.

The commentator spoke on this subject with Cristina Ferreira, implying that you know what motivated this decision. "The reason for the divorce is serious, but when I say serious it's with 'big', he said, leaving a warning to the former couple. "We do not want any conversations here. The press does not need things that should stay in the house, " said Claudio.

It is recalled that Luciana Abreu and Daniel Souza were married on October 25, 2017 in the Church of Santo António, in Estoril. At the time, the artist was pregnant with the twins Amoor and Valentine. This will be the second divorce of the artist, who separated from Yannick Djaló, father of Lyonce and Lyannni, in December 2013, after three years of marriage.

In the video, see the pictures of the birthday party that Luciana Abreu gave to her daughter Lyannii.


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