Cláudio Alegre explains why he did not invite Ruben and Tatiana Boa Nova to the wedding – A Television


Cláudio Alegre and Cristiana Jesus are preparing to tie the knot soon, but before that the former competitor of the House of Secrets agreed to answer some questions asked by followers on his Instagram.

One of the issues raised by Claudio fans was why friends Ruben and Tatiana Boa Nova were not invited to the wedding. The Algarve decided to justify itself, claiming that it did not invite friends for financial reasons.

"A marriage is something that involves a lot of responsibility, it's not exactly cheap. It is very expensive and involves lots of money. As you can calculate, we have a family, and our wedding is already going to over 200 guests, not counting on the family and friends that we did not invite, "began Claudio Alegre.

"We had to make choices, we decided to invite even our most intimate friends and family members, and even then they are over 200, which makes the budget expensive. Both Ruben and Tatiana understand perfectly because they also got married and know the expenses they had. I loved inviting everyone, but money can not do everything, "he said.

It is recalled that Ruben and Tatiana married on June 24, 2017, in Espinho, and also did not invite Claudio Alegre and Cristiana Jesus.


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