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BE complains against president of the Junta de Maximinos in Braga

The BE delegate to the Maximinos polling station in Braga today presented a protest against what he considered to be an “attempt to persuade” members of that parish council by “directing” voters to the polls.

Speaking to Lusa, Jorge Vilela explained that they were members of the Parish Council, affecting the CDS, at the door of the building to “receive and forward” those who arrived there, and even saw cases in which they “took their citizens' cards” out of their hands. voters and "accompanied them to the polls".

Faced with these accusations, the chairman of the board, Luís Pedroso, considered those accusations to be “unqualified” and “only to be made by those who do not know the reality”, taking into account the “alterations of tables and places” in this electoral act.

“I first presented an oral vote, in which I asked the Chairman of the Board not to continue to have that recurring attitude, which went beyond the services to which the members of the Board are attached. As he continued, I called the National Election Commission (CNE) which told me to file a written protest, ”explained Jorge Vilela.

According to the delegate at that polling station, "the president knows that his presence there has an effect, of course he has, so he should not behave like that."

In response, Luis Pedroso told Lusa “knowing the place” he occupies: “I was directing the voters to the correct months and sections, some of our voters are old, they didn't know the citizen card was enough and they were as if lost, ”he explained.

For the mayor "at a time when democracy is already well established thinking that one's presence will condition a voter's vote can only come from someone who does not know reality."

The vote on the protest presented by the BE delegate was scheduled for 15:00.

There are currently running for a seat in the Assembly of the Republic, by Braga, 20 parties to elect 19 deputies, in a universe of 778,369 voters.

More than 10.8 million registered voters at home and abroad are today called to the polls to choose the constitution of the Assembly of the Republic in the next legislature and where the new Government will come from.

This is the 16th time the Portuguese will be called to vote in legislatures, with a record number of political forces competing in these elections – 20 parties and one coalition – although only 15 come to all constituencies.

In total 230 Members are elected in elections which over the years have seen an increase in the abstention rate.

In 2015, the abstention rate reached a record 44.4%, compared with 8.3% in the 1975 Constituent Assembly elections or 16.4% of the first legislatures in 1976.

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