Bank loan to the Resolution Fund to inject capital into Novo Banco is in “finalmente”, says CEO of BPI – O Jornal Económico


The CEO said that the solution is being finalized and that, until it is finalized, he will not be able to give further details.

Asked if there is any risk that the banking syndicate, led by Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Millennium bcp, would not do so, João Pedro Oliveira e Costa replied that “the responsibility for this matter is not BPI’s” and that “we were challenged to participate in a solution ”, of which the bank intends to be part.

Jornal Económico knows that Caixa Geral de Depósitos and BCP will each be responsible for around 22% of the loan amount of 275 million euros, while Santander should lend 18% and BPI between 15% and 16% %.

BPI’s CEO reinforced that the finalization of the bank loan to the Resolution Fund is in the “finalmente” and referred that “I don’t think anything will contradict” this solution to capitalize Novo Banco next year.

The bank announced regulatory costs of 39.5 million euros, of which 22.8 million euros in financing for the national Resolution Fund – 15.5 million in the contribution to the banking sector and 7.3 million to the Resolution Fund . BPI also had a cost of 3.2 million due to the additional solidarity over the banking sector and 13.4 million with the Single Resolution Fund.

João Pedro Oliveira e Costa questioned the fact that the banking sector is the only one to contribute to the additional solidarity allocated to the Social Security Financial Stabilization Fund, which cost the bank 3.2 billion this year.


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