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Despite index growth, women account for 1/3 of the participants in clinical trials

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The number of women participating in clinical trials for drug testing has grown by 43% since 2016, but is still considered low according to Folha de S. Paulo.

This leads to an expressive number of drugs being developed from mostly male clinical trials. As noted by Folha, this disparity poses risks to women's health due to genetic, biochemical and physiological differences between the sexes.

A study published in 2018 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that among clinical trials that led to the approval of 36 cardiovascular therapies, the number of women participants was equivalent to only one third out of a total of 224,417.

Still according to the vehicle, the great difference of participation is still seen in drug research to improve female sexuality. As an example there is a research that investigated the interactions between flibanserin (known as "female Viagra" for allegedly increasing libido) and alcohol, which only had two women among the 25 participants.

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