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Avengers Writer explains why character has not fired


THE Black Widow sacrificed for the Soul Jewel, but unlike Tony Stark did not have a funeral in Avengers: Ultimatum. The writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus explained to the The New York Times that the event would de-characterize the heroin.

"This is because Tony is this gigantic public figure and she [manteve sua vida] in secret for all this time. He was not necessarily honest with the character giving him a ", they explained.

In an interview with a Chinese website (Via CB), the directors Joe and Anthony Russo explained that the funeral may even have happened, but it was only with the presence of friends. "She probably had a funeral, but he was not featured in the feature. Maybe in the future it will appear, because there are still many stories to tell in the world of Marvel ", completed.

Avengers: Ultimatum is already in theaters and broke several box office records over the weekend – read more.

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