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And the technological highlights of last week were …

Because our priority is the quality of the information that comes to our readers, we chose some articles published over the past week that reflect what was most relevant in the technological world in Pplware.

We looked at the new Honda CR-V Hybrid, we talked about postponing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the growth of Huawei, and more.

We looked at the new Honda CR-V Hybrid, we talked about postponing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the growth of Huawei, and more. Check out our weekly technological highlights

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SpaceX capsule for NASA explodes during safety test (video)

SpaceX, which develops aerospace systems and space transportation services, is designing and testing a new spacecraft. In order to put NASA astronauts into orbit, the task of ensuring transportation is in the hands of the American company. In this sense, last Saturday, the company carried out a safety test on the capsule. As we can see in the pictures, everything went wrong.

This Sunday, an unverified video on Twitter claimed to show the space capsule exploding during the test.

Illustrative image of the SpaceX capsule for NASA

Battery can power an electric vehicle for 1000 km on a single charge

Batteries are still the biggest "concern" when it comes to the electric vehicle. However, these cars in the future may have a battery composed of non-flammable inorganic electrolytes with greater autonomy.

Probably a thousand kilometers would be the dream and the ultimate trump card for the paradigm shift.

Image non-flammable inorganic batteries

Samsung postpones launch of its futuristic Galaxy Fold

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold was pre-sold a few days ago and test units were quickly shipped to several specialized international channels that quickly revealed numerous problems associated with these foldable smartphones.

Faced with all these problems pointed out to Samsung promptly, it came to the public to declare some changes that would be made before being placed on the market. But now the brand assumes that the changes will even dictate the postponement of the official launch of its futuristic Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Android smartphone Android smartphones

Apple will extend its use of the iPhone NFC already with iOS 13 and end many complaints

One of the many complaints from iPhone users over the years is the lack of opening the NFC to apps and other hardware. Apple has this limited and controlled communication, closing it to only a few services, such as Apple Pay.

Everything may change soon with the arrival of iOS 13. It is expected that with this release Apple extend the use of iPhone NFC to developers and other hardware.

Apple NFC iPhone iOS Programmers

Honda CR-V Hybrid - Test drive the new and smart SUV

We were introduced to the new Honda CR-V Hybrid. This is the fifth generation of the CR-V, but it is the first time that a Honda SUV in Europe is available with hybrid technology.

The automotive paradigm is changing and the Japanese brand has also adapted to the electrification of its cars. Come with us in this Honda test.

Honda CR-V Hybrid - We went to test drive the new SUV on the market

OnePlus 7 Pro will bring an incredible new screen and 5G speeds - Pete Lau

OnePlus 7 Pro will be one of two new Android smartphones to be launched by the Chinese company very soon. However, Pete Lau, CEO of Technology, gave an exclusive interview to the The Verge where he confirmed several rumors, and prepared us for the next revolution in the high-end segment.

At the same time, we see new leaks of information with the main technical details of both versions.

OnePlus 7 Pro Android smartphones

Huawei increases revenues by 39% and approaches Samsung

It is the world's largest manufacturer of networking equipment, according to IDC, and continues to move closer to Samsung thanks to its Android smartphones. Huawei has now shared its fiscal report for the first quarter of 2019 and revenue growth is undeniable, a new record.

Although Washington's pressures remain (and reaffirm), the Chinese company continues to grow.

Huawei Android smartphones Samsung networks

Is it a bike, a bike? It is electric and is the new bet of Xiaomi

Although its appearance may suggest a motorcycle, the HIMO T1 is, in fact, an electric bicycle. In addition, it is the latest product from Xiaomi, and whenever the battery runs out, the user can give the pedal. Above all, it is a new product with a competitive price, as it falls short of 400 euros.

In white or red, you will have here an electric bicycle with declared autonomy of 120 kilometers.

Xiaomi Himo T1 electric bicycle bike

Tesla shows autoconduction solution, recognizing signals and traffic lights (video)

Tesla seems to be closer to the concept of autonomous driving. In this way, the company shared a video showing the current state of its complete self-conducting software solution. Surprisingly, the car recognizes road signs, correctly interprets the road and cautions the driving.

The example was shown in a Tesla Model 3 that runs along a path "without any human intervention".

Picture of Tesla Model 3 in autoconduction mode finalized

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) - What is and what earbuds options include this technology?

When choosing a headset there are several associated technologies that guarantee, or not, better reproduced sound quality. One of them, which is increasingly found, is the TWS.

TWS is the acronym for True Wireless Stereo. But what does this technology consist of? In addition to explaining this concept, let's introduce you to some headsets that include it and that are ideas to use with your smartphone.

True Wireless Stereo TWS - What is and what earbuds options include this technology?

Infante: Portuguese satellite of 10 million euros in orbit in 2021

The first 100% Portuguese satellite will be in orbit in 2021. The Consortium is made up of nine companies and the investment has been around 10 million euros for three years.

The satellite was christened "Infante" and will be launched by China.

Infante: Portuguese satellite of 10 million euros will be in orbit in 2021

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