After announcing transfer to SIC, Isabela Valadeiro rests in Alentejo – A Television


After the transfer of TVI to SIC was announced, Isabela Valadeiro decided to take a few days to relax in the tranquility of the Alentejo, where it is natural. The actress used her account on the social network Instagram to reveal some details of her 'escape' to what she considers to be her 'starting point'.

"Source. Principle. Cause. Naturalness. Starting point. Base. Mother, "wrote the 22-year-old interpreter in the caption of a photograph she published late Sunday afternoon and in which she appears with the Alentejo plain as the backdrop.

Earlier, on Saturday, the actress had approached the transfer to the channel of Pinto Balsemão. "I've changed a lot in my life, I moved from home, I moved to the city, I changed my boyfriends and when I moved it was because I believed that I changed to grow. In that sense, I moved to SIC. Behind you, I miss you already. With me I take a lot of enthusiasm and expectation of a new love, "reads this publication.

In the Impresa group channel, Isabela Valadeiro is going to increase the salary considerably. You will earn 5 thousand euros per month.


Isabela Valadeiro sees her doubled in SIC


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