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Faced with the events of the fifth episode of the current season of The Walking Dead, in which the hero Rick Grimes meets his fate, the magazine Rolling Stone considers that it has reached the end of an era of television. One of the last imperfect and masculine heroes leaves the scene years after Breaking Bad or Mad Men. But is not a new era cemented? One in which the sheriff passes the badge to a woman and in which the small big series are such broad properties that they become movies?

After two long fighting seasons, The Walking Dead is in favor of reconstruction. "Build lives, do not take them off," said lead actor Rick Grimes in the third episode of this ninth season. Because in the current scenario "we or the dead, now all lives count." Two episodes later, one of the stories that has caught most viewers around the world made a kind of movement From the Sky Fell a Star with hallucinations in which Rick Grimes visited the lives of some of those he touched, or who died around him. Jon Bernthal (Shane), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and Scott Wilson (Hershel) came back to keep him over and over again, as always, to survive.

And if since the summer the team announced that this would be the last season of Rick in the series, the end would arrive with a typical twist The walking Dead (not always well seen by the spectators) – a helicopter that foreshadowed other and more evolved communities of survivors in that post-apocalyptic world leads the survivor, who moments before seemed to have fatally sacrificed for his "family." Leave your daughter behind and flash forward a future is indicated with a young blonde leader.

"I love this character; I love the world we inhabit [na série]. So why do not we try, potentially, to continue this story in a different way and perhaps continue his story in order to keep the mother ship? "Andrew Lincoln said about the future of The Walking Dead the magazine The Hollywood News reporter. On Sunday night, after the broadcast of the episode What Comes After, the AMC channel (its original producer, in Portugal, the series goes on at Fox on Monday and Monday night) has announced this future: three AMC telefilms that can go beyond TV as they find new partners production, to continue the adventures of Grimes.

In the last two seasons, a horror story with zombies and a group of survivors was the most viewed series in Portugal. In the US, at the time of the seventh season, it was the largest in the US, with more than 20 million people attending The Walking Dead, which has since broken audiences but does not lose corporate gas. For example, if Twin Peaks, after its cancellation to the second season, also gave rise to a film (Fire Walk with Me, 1992). BuffyThe hunter of Vampires started as a film and later became a cult series, and if both have around them a small kingdom of derivatives (comics, books, collectibles) is the first time that US pay-TV has taken such a step.

"We are now working on three [filmes], but there is flexibility … in the coming years we will make special, new series are a real possibility, high-quality digital content, and some content whose description is difficult. Let's dig in the past and see old characters. We will introduce new characters and new situations, "he told The Hollywood News reporter the responsible for the contents The walking Dead Scott M. Gimple.

The films join the franchise The Walking Dead: the prequela series Fear the Walking Dead, where one of the actors of the mother series has already migrated and whose time has already advanced, the discussion program Talking Dead, video games and comics originals and even themed cruises. According to the new York Times, these films will have no relation to the comics where he was born, but its author Robert Kirkman is working on his stories with Gimple. The production of the first of the films begins next year and allows shorter hours for Lincoln, whose family reasons led in part to his departure from the series.

The last few months were a kind of farewell to Lincoln, who regrets that the fans could not have experienced with total surprise their exit – that after all is not definitive. But now look at the movies: "I wanted to finish telling his story as we started it: with a cinematic sensibility on a larger scale and a more contained story."

The idea of ​​the movies is not being unanimously welcomed by viewers on social networks. They fear in part the wear and tear of an already distracted narrative whose distinctive features – the ruthless pen of scriptwriters who can victimize any hero unexpectedly, violence as the background of character-building and humanity – have been exploited until they turn against the series itself. But as one reads on the Vox website, "As is the nature of this endless drama about endless beings, he had a twist Last".


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