A lot of entertainment in Torres Vedras at the city festivals – Trends


Wine, gastronomy and music animate Torres Vedras until next 11th, in another edition of the City Festivities.

The Multipurpose Pavilion of Expotorres hosts 13 small restaurants, where visitors can delight in the flavors of regional gastronomy. Also noteworthy are the Pastel de Feijão Festival and the Torres Vedras Wine Festival.

In the year in which Torres Vedras is, together with Alenquer, the European Wine City, also highlights the presence of wine producers in the Municipal Market, with commented evidence, talks and demonstrations of showcooking.

There are also sports activities, such as the Mountain Bike Tour and Trail Run, which are part of the Wine Route.

As for music, the program of the Merenda do Acordeão, which are part of the International Festival of Accordion of Torres Vedras, extends, as usual, to cafes, bars, bars, restaurants and hotels, with performances and food and drinks.


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