50% of Huawei's flagship smartphones will be foldable by 2021 !?


Huawei Mate X

50% of Huawei's flagship smartphones will be foldable by 2021 !? – It seems that the war of folding smartphones, is far from over! After the first battle, to see who would launch the first smartphone of this type, it seems that now, we have a new … To see who will be the first manufacturer, to sell in bulk, this device.

Both Huawei and Samsung have launched their first foldable smartphone, Mate X and Galaxy Fold, respectively.

But quite curiously, it seems that between the two manufacturers, it is Huawei that is more focused on making the smartphone foldable, something accessible, instead of being a 'niche' device …

After all, the CEO of Huawei has just stated that 50% of his company's smartphones (Top of Range) will be foldable, by 2021

Although there are several companies developing their own version of a foldable smartphone, it seems that the two horses to bet, are even Samsung and Huawei.

While Huawei has a design that makes an 8 "tablet on a smartphone. In turn, Samsung has a smartphone, which opens like a book, to reveal an AMOLED screen of 7.3 "

Personally, I prefer the design of Huawei, which seems a lot more thought and basically, well done … But Samsung has already come more than once to the public, to say that its design is the best!

Well, nothing better than waiting for them both to hit the market, and to test everything they both have to offer.

First of all, they both share something very special … The high price!

While the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs almost $ 2000, the Huawei Mate X manages to be even more expensive, costing $ 2600.

Still remember to complain, that smartphones already cost more than 1000 €? Looks like we have not seen anything yet

However, Huawei CEO Richard Yu believes that these prices will drop substantially in the very near future.

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"The folding cell phones just arrived, so the market is still very small. Basically, they are very expensive because they cost a lot of money to produce.

In my opinion, in 2 years, the price will be very similar to the current top of the range. "

With production costs dropping, Richard Yu believes that folding mobile phones are even the next step!

"I think in the high range, half of our handsets will be foldable by 2021."

Curiously, Yu also mentioned, that Huawei has a smaller foldable smartphone in development. About half the size of the P30 Pro, just announced.

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