YouTube tries to combat pedophilia by turning off comments


YouTube states that tens of millions of videos have blocked the ability to add comments already. And this is just the beginning. The action continues and is expected to expand more and more. The material under which juveniles appear and which may be the subject of an unhealthy interest in pedophiles is under the microscope.

A smiling girl shows what she is doing each morning. He guides the viewer around his room, shows the mirror in which he looks, the wardrobe from which he pulls the clothes, the hairbrush he is combing, the bed in which he sleeps. This is one of the dozens of films published by her and, theoretically, there is nothing special about it … and yet.

Everyone else has a few hundred, maybe a thousand visits, this one has several hundred thousand. The secret of his spectacular success is dispelled by the comments. Just look at it and the word success will suddenly have a very bitter taste. These at the top are full of time stamps. These are the pictures in which the girl's short dress leans up, or when the child lowers and you see a piece of your panties, or when it bends in a way that an adult woman can be considered erotic.

Other comments praise her for being so cute and beautiful, asking her to make these films more often, while others openly open erotic texts directed at other readers.

Some of these videos are placed into profiles created specifically to collect and republish them.

How does YouTube fight against pedophilia?

Selected creators may maintain comments. Although YouTube does not reveal exactly how the selection will be made, a condition is crucial – active moderation of comments by you and cooperation with Google in that regard.

In the creators' blog, the YouTube team also states that it will sharpen the algorithm they search on the site for suspicious entries so it can respond more quickly and remove more of them.

This is not a problem that appeared yesterday or a week ago. However, it has only recently been advertised enough to reach advertisers' ears. And you were not happy that your precious products appear in your favorite pedophile playlists and did what already worked – stopped the flow of money. They have withdrawn their ads, among others, Disney, Epic Games and NestlĂ©. Then YouTube worked. For now, cutting comments.


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