Xiaomi 100 W High-Speed ​​Charging Technology – How Does It Work?


The technologies of battery charging on phones are constantly evolving. There are newer and faster charging patterns, or induction charging is becoming widespread. Xiaomi recently boasted the debut of Mi 9 the world's fastest inductive charger with a power of 20 W. The newest Chinese flagship also supports Quick Charge 4.0 – unfortunately, the charger attached to it has "only" 18 W. Xiaomi wanted to be like OPPO, which conquers the world of smartphones with its super fast charging technologies and started to work on its own. How's it going?

100% in 17 minutes – is it possible?

Lin Bin, the chairman of the Chinese company, posted a video showing the workings of the latest variation on supercharging, called "Super Charge Turbo". Is to offer load with power up to 100 W! You will ask, how much can we use a smartphone with a battery of 4000mAh from 0 to 100% with it? In just 17 minutes. For comparison, the OPPO R17 Pro, which has a 3700 mAh battery, takes 35 minutes using the SuperVOOC 55W flash charge.

The Chinese giant will soon reveal all the details about the "Super Charge Turbo" technology.

According to the information available, the technology you can read in this news, will not be supported by the recently released by the flagships Xiaomi – Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G. One problem that can be discussed is the cooling of the device during charging with such power. It certainly will not be the easiest thing, so the wires and "cubes" will have to be made of high quality materials, so as not to be damaged during the loading process.

There was a fight for inches, numbers, the number of cameras or indentation on the screen. Time to fight for charging times? This is going to end.

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