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This year, the "SME Partner Area" will try with many attractions – including an LED fuel motor, a neurological examination table for children and even … a cryochamber for the treatment of diabetic foot.

The SME sector continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the Polish economy, which, according to recent data, generates more than 50% of GDP. It is with this industry in mind that a special space will be available at the Podkarpackie – G2A Arena Voivodeship Exhibition and Congress Center.

Small and medium-sized companies will have the opportunity to present their activities and achievements. The SME sector is the driving force of the Polish economy, which is why the participation of its representatives in Congress 590 is so crucial. In the SME Zone, booths will be created to promote selected brands, services or products.

This year's cross-section of industries and market segments is very broad

Among the exhibitors of the SME Zone, there were entities that operate in the technology sector. Braintri creates software and mobile applications for banks and financial institutions, while Cervi Robotic handles prototyping robots, drones and Internet devices. Yoshi will also present his offer. Designed by his desk for neurological examination of children and a cryochamber to treat diabetic foot are evidences that the Polish technological thought has a chance to become the driving force of our economy.

The company Well Indigo Nails will take care of the welfare of women participating in the 590th Congress, which will present a full line of hybrid enamels. In turn, the men will definitely be interested in the Game Over Cycyles prototype, fueled by LED fuel. This is yet another step on the road to the development of green transport after last year's presentation of the Ursus ELVI electric car for electricity. The next unit will be presented by Nextbike, the largest supplier and operator of urban bicycles in Poland. Much of the Zone will be occupied by the booth of the Special Economic Zone of Łódź and by the Podkarpackie Voivodship.

A scene dedicated to SMEs

This year's edition of the SME Zone includes not only exhibitors, but also a scene dedicated to SMEs, which is a place for training, presentation and exchange of views. Professionals and business professionals invited to the Zone will share their knowledge and experiences. Among them you will find, among other experts from GOOGLE, PKO Bank Polski, PARP (Polish Agency for Development and Entrepreneurship), NCBR (National Center for Research and Development) and KIDP (National Chamber of Tax Advisers).

The "SME Zone" is a unique project, thanks to which everyone can present their development opportunities and potential, talk about the challenges and evils of their own market environment and ultimately convince others about their products and services. It is also an ideal place to establish new business contacts. The main partner of the PME Zone is PKO Bank Polski. The list of partners is complemented by: Braintri, Cervi Robotics, DGT, IHS Markit, Indigo, Chamber of Polish Businessmen, Lex Financial Office, National Chamber of Tax Consultants, Krakchemia, Łód Especial Special Economic Zone, Nextbike, Prime Bit Games Agency of Regional Development of Rzeszów, Sagittarius, Salesboook and Yoshi.

The third edition of the 590th Congress will be held from 15 to 16 November Jasionka Exhibition and Congress Center of the Vokya G2A Arena in Podkarpackie, near Rzeszów..

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