World Cup U20. Senegal – Colombia 2-0 in game A


Senegal defeated Colombia 2-0 and is likely to lead the U-20 World Cup group. Both goals were scored after the penalty kicks and the African team deservedly won.

Senegal is the leader of the group with a set of points thanks to the winners. Colombia, who defeated Poland 2-0 in the first game, is second. "White-Reds" in the second round will face Tahiti. The start of the meeting on Sunday at 8:30 p.m.

The 34th-minute situation was of great importance for this meeting. Then Anderson Cordoba mercilessly stopped the Senegalese striker in the penalty area and Judge Michael Oliver had no doubt that the African team should be penalized. Ibrahim Niane came to the ball and probably used the eleven.

In the next part of the game Senegal also had the advantage. Even before the interval, the goalkeeper could have defeated Souleymane Aw, but the Colombian goalkeeper showed a good intervention. After the break, Niane threatened, but lacked precision.

The Senegalese confirmed the advantage in the final minutes of the match. Once again the Colombians came to help them, again in their own penalty box. This time, Dion Lopy was the actual execution of the eleven.

Senegal – Colombia 2-0 (1-0)

Goals: 1-0 Niane (34 from a penalty), 2-0 Lopy (85. from a penalty).

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