The winter front came from North Dakota and South Dakota and is heading towards New England. For the Midwest, up to 25 inches of fresh snow is expected on Saturday. Meteorologists issue warnings against snowstorms. Chicago can expect 20 cm of snow and strong winds.

Amtrak canceled some train fares today from Chicago to Washington and New York. On Sunday, rail communications between New York, Boston and Pennsylvania will be hampered.

In Omaha (Nebraska), Eppley Airfield Airport closed on Friday when the Southwest Airlines plane left the cold landing strip. Luckily, nothing happened to anyone.

Predictions for New York are about the winter bout from Saturday afternoon (local time) through Sunday. It is expected that on Sunday the snow will turn into icy rain, causing black ice.

In New England is expected to 46 cm of snow, then passing into the icy rain. There are concerns about power lines in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.