Will I get the money for Wiś Krakw? The club may issue shares of the ninth Pika


The Beesfund platform analyzes the possibility of issuing shares of the Wisa Krakw football club – reports the agency ISBnews. The issue of shares is usually used by companies that want to improve their financial condition or simply want to strengthen their credibility. With this request, the company must, however, apply to the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. – If the documents are not submitted to the PFSA, so far only on this issue, if we think, ISBnews, the president of Beesfund, Arkadiusz Regiec.

The way to Wiś Krakw's problems?

Wisa Krakw is in a very difficult financial situation. The club is about 40 million dugw long, including 12.2 million of the length of the gold license. The Krakow club is looking for an investor. So far, it has been possible to pay the pikarzy, thanks to the loan from Jarosaw Krlewski, Jakub Baszczykowski and the third investor, Caa, the troy was raised to 1.33 million zlotys.

Arkadiusz Regiec is the CEO of Beesfund, which is Europe's largest crowdfunding platform. The company helps in the issuance of limited stock and partnership stock. They also help in getting capital for companies.

Will Wisa follow the path of Ruch Chorzw?

The previous Chorzew Ruch, which is now in the NewConnect market, will benefit from similar opportunities. Ruch's shares currently cost PLN 18 per piece, which means that the entire club rating is close to 10 million zloty.


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