Will an employment contract be a rarity? Changes in the labor law! Will employment contracts be less flexible? [20.04.2019]


Contracts of work may be less flexible. Changes in the Labor Code are fast approaching – just for the Senate Commission on Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Petitions, a proposal for changes has been made. Employers may be forced to give reasons for termination in the case of contracts that are concluded for a defined period of more than 6 months.

Contract of employment – will you need to explain for termination reasons?

Currently, the Labor Code in art. 30 pairs 4 on the obligation to indicate the reason for terminating the contract in two cases:

  • how to terminate the contract without prior notice (in which case the type of contract is irrelevant);
  • With regard to the termination of an employment contract concluded for an indefinite period.

If the changes proposed in the Senate materialized, the employer would have to explain the termination of the contract, even if he did this with the employee for six months.

New Job Code – see the latest ideas in the video material.

Will employment contracts be less flexible? Will not employers want to give it to them?

According to the Employers' Report of the Republic of Poland, a significant proportion of employment contracts are contracts for a defined period. If employers are forced to give grounds for termination of contract, they may not want to start a contract – employees will be placed in a difficult situation because the employment contract is more advantageous than the contract for the job or mandate contract . This employment contract better protects the employee.

As we read in the report of the employers' organization of the Republic of Poland:

the excessive hardening of the labor law system, in particular, the rules for terminating fixed-term contracts can have counterproductive effects – instead of contributing to the wider use of employment contracts, will lead to increased non-employment employment.

Source: Employers of the Republic of Poland

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