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What is the melody? and Norbi as the host: a drop in program audience


The last season of the program "What is the melody?" it was a surprise to viewers. Host Robert Janowski said goodbye after years. The presenter was replaced by Norbi and it turns out that – in terms of audience – it was not a good change. The quiz show "What's the melody?" assisted significantly fewer viewers than when Robert Janowski ran. Advertising income increased.

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Audience of the program "What is the melody?" with Norbi

According to the virtual media portal, the last season of the program "What is the melody?" with Norbi, an average of 1.57 million viewers watched. There were 440,000 people under one year oldj with the previous host. During the broadcast, TVP1 was the market leader. Only Polsat surpassed, then transmitted "Copes".

Photo: Jacek Kurnikowski / AKPA

Arkadiusz Janiczek, Auberia Grabowska, Norbi and Patryk Szwichtenberg on the set "What's the melody?"

It happens that the largest number of viewers on the show "What's the melody?" sat in front of televisions on January 1. The New Year episode was watched by an average of 2.74 million people.

Advertising income increased. In the 2018/2019 season, they totaled PLN 65.38 million. Previously "What is the melody?" brought points profits worth PLN 44.60 million.

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We already know, however, that the new episodes of the program "What is the melody?" Let's see the air in the fall. In the last part of last season, Norbi said goodbye to the public and invited him to watch the show after the parties. Until then, TVP1 will be broadcasting replays.

"What's the melody?" – confusion about the program and changes in the shadow of the scandal

Changing the host game show "What's the melody?" proceeded in the shadow of a scandal. The fact that Polish television plans to update the format a bit has already been said a long time ago, when the media circulated information that Robert Janowski will be replaced by Rafał Brzozowski. The reports turned out to be fake, because the author of the hit "Tak blisko" became the leader, but the program "Wheel of Fortune".

Topic returned quickly. This time the rumors turned out to be proven information. TVP terminated the contract with a company that produced the program for 20 years. The company hired to run a game show by Robert Janowski, that's why the presenter did not agree to the new conditions, which was proposed by the President of the Polish Television Jacek Kurski.

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Photo: MW Media

Robert Janowski

after all Robert Janowski said goodbye to the quiz show "What's the melody?"which ran for twenty years. Polish television decided to "rejuvenate" the program not only due to the new leader, but also refreshed stage set and new vocalists.

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Norbi appeared as the host. The new version of the program "What is the melody?" did not please viewers of the first episode, but he seemed pleased with his work.

Photo: Jacek Kurnikowski / AKPA

Mateusz Ziółko, Roksana Węgiel and Kasia Moś on the program "Jaka tu melodia?"

"When the new producer called me, at first I thought I would not fight with such a legend, who is Robert Janowski. But then I came to the conclusion that such a chance can not be repeated again. I respect Robert's accomplishments, but these are the rules of show business. I think he understands that too. I'd like to say goodbye to him or invite him to the show, but this is not my decision. I was chosen as a speaker and I intend to do it in the best way possible "- he said in an interview with" Flash "magazine.

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