Weronika Rosati has filed a request in the US court for Śmigielski's ban


Weronika Rosati has filed a request in the US court for Śmigielski's ban

Weronika Rosati a month ago High heels a poignant interview, in which even more emphatically than in December gala she discussed the details of her relationship with Robert Śmigielski.

The actress revealed that she was a widely respected physician he used psychological and physical violence against him, beat, humiliated, took money and forbade work. The orthopedist denied it all at once, arguing that he only barred Veronica from getting undressed on the set, and only because of her career. He also ensured that he never hit her.

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Robert's version was fully confirmed by his two devotees: Krystyna Demska-Olbrychska and Joanna SarapataHowever, as Rosati reminded them, they had a vague idea, if any at all, of what was going on between her and Robert. Both have already been processed.

After sending the files, Weronika packed his bags and left for California, abandoning his role in TVN's new production during the night. She explained to the station's program director that he should run away because he is worried about his own life.

Unfortunately, in Los Angeles she did not feel much safer …

As reported the fact she entered the local court a request for Robert Śmigielski not to approach her and her daughter. Elizabeth She was born in the United States and, as an American citizen, has the right to the protection of local law.

As the tabloid determined, on May 3, the date of the hearing of the parties was marked.


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