Valuation of pensions in 2020 First calculations. What will the pension amount be in 2020? Valuation forecasts [7.05.2019 r.]


Next year – according to data compiled by Super Express – pensions are expected to increase by several tens of zlotys. The average pension will be higher by 52 PLN, and the minimum by 25 PLN per hand.

Retirement 2020 will increase with certainty – this is the result of the government's forecast, which is included in the Update of the Convergence Plan.

  • the revaluation of pensions in 2020 is 2.94%;
  • the lowest pension will be higher by 25 PLN per hand (the minimum benefit will increase to 960.43 PLN net);
  • the average pension will increase by PLN 52 per hand.

This year, pensioners received a pension increase calculated according to the principles of the valuation of the percentage share (the lowest pensions were increased by a fixed amount). It is possible that the government will introduce such compensation next year.

Valorisation of pensions – "DGP" foresees higher salary increases

"DGP" predicts that the indexation of pensions in 2020 may be higher. According to the newspaper, the benefits will increase by 3.24% next year. What does that mean?

  • the minimum pension would have increased by 35 PLN gross;
  • the average pension would increase by 71 gross PLN.

The valuation index is calculated on the basis of the rate of inflation and the growth of real wages in the previous calendar year.

Official valuation data will have to wait until mid-January 2020. The CSO will provide information for the calculations.


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