Vacations – Poles want changes in the Labor Code. Will a holiday be longer? 26 days are not enough for us [21.06.2019 r.]


The vacation leave – depending on length of service – is 20 to 26 vacation days during the year. To get the maximum number of days off, you need to be proud of a 10 year internship. It is true that the internships are included in the internship, but the Poles are not satisfied with what the Labor Code offers them. 26 days a year is not enough for many Polish employees – this is the result of the survey, which was carried out by the editorial staff of

It turns out that up to 2/3 of the Poles dream of longer vacations during the year. 26 days of vacation are not enough for us. Government officials have already begun trying to elect voters by increasing the number of holidays.

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The study on holiday leaves was carried out for Wirtualna Polska and What results?

  • 64% of the employees surveyed believe that there are only a few days off;
  • 6% of respondents are of the opinion that 26 days of guaranteed leave is too much;
  • 30% of respondents do not know if vacations are too much or too little.

Do respondents believe that the government should increase the number of days of annual leave?

  • 64% believe that the government should increase the number of days of leave;
  • 16% of respondents are of the opposite opinion;
  • 20% of respondents do not know what the government should do.

The survey was conducted for Wirtualna Polska for the Ariadna panel in a representative sample of 1,034 people over 18 years of age.

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Will PiS change the vacation leave rules? Job Code to change?

As recalls, the right to a holiday leave is guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. A Polish employee should receive an annual, paid and continuous break in the work assignment.

Jeremi Mordasewicz, chief economist of the Lewiatan Confederation for Prawo i Sprawiedliwość undoubtedly realizes that in the matter of holidays you can still promise something. The results are not surprising. We know very well that Poles work longer hours during the week than their counterparts in other Western European countries. This does not mean, however, that it is time to discuss the length of the holidays. It's too early because they're still chasing the West.

Curiously, according to the OECD, Poles still have long vacation leave – compared to other European Union countries. However, there are countries that may have a longer vacation leave. Austrians have 30 days off per year (this is a rarity only for employees who can have a 25-year work experience).

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During the current mandate, PiS has already commented on the possible increase in employee vacations. However, an increase in the number of holidays rather than holidays has been taken into account. Stanisław Szwed, deputy minister for the Family, Labor and Social Policy, during the Good Friday debate, indicated that the authorities were taking this solution into account.

Stanisław Szwed in response to parliamentary question: During holiday days, the activity of consumers in industries related to spending free time increases – tourism, recreation or gastronomy.

Extending vacation leave to 35 days, the Festa Juntos:



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